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Adriana headshot

Adriana Anguiano

Loan Officer | NMLS 455172

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Al Gonzalez headshot

Al Gonzalez

Branch Manager | NMLS 273042

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Alicia Perez's headshot in a circle

Alicia Perez

Loan Officer | NMLS 1281159

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Amalia Ruvalcaba headshot in a circle

Amalia Ruvalcaba

Loan Officer | NMLS 1271229

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Amanda Mead

Loan Officer | NMLS 851511

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BJ's headshot in a circle

BJ Singh

Loan Officer | NMLS 267956

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Cameron Hubbard headshot in a circle

Cameron Hubbard

Regional Sales Manager | NMLS 1172132

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Claudia Sanchez

Loan Officer | NMLS 1919622

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Cory Knoblauch

Loan Officer | NMLS 1980389

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Erik Nelson

Loan Officer | NMLS 1422680

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Goldy Sidhu

Loan Officer | NMLS 463352

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Gus Quiroz

Loan Officer | NMLS 1878366

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Harjeet Tiwana

Loan Officer | NMLS# 1869553

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Inwon Hwang

Loan Officer | NMLS 455041

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James S Headshot in circle

James Soto

Loan Officer | NMLS 457638

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Jaspreet Dhillon

Loan Officer | NMLS 1996493

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Jessica Gonzalez's headshot

Jessica Gonzalez

Loan Officer | NMLS 1073881

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Jessica Portillo

Loan Officer | NMLS 459945

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Khushi Thind

Loan Officer | NMLS 1927050

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Kim Marin Headshot in circle

Kim Marin

Loan Officer | NMLS 1471040

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Kiran Brar

Loan Officer | 2000498

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Kyle Alcorn's headshot in a circle

Kyle Alcorn

Loan Officer | NMLS 1053786

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Kyle Telles Headshot in a circle

Kyle Telles

Loan Officer | NMLS 1110552

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Marcela Garcia

Loan Officer | NMLS 1110552

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Mario Quinonez

Loan Officer | NMLS 1806639

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Michael Casanova

Loan Officer | NMLS 1055895

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Minchelle's headshot

Michelle Walker

Loan Officer | NMLS 247479

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Moises Magana

Loan Officer | 559-960-6118

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Monica Reyes Aguilar headshot in a circle

Monica Reyes-Aguilar

Loan Officer | NMLS 455537

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Pat Min's headshot in circle

Pat Maley

Divisional Manager | NMLS 451134

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Rachel's headshot in a circle

Rachael Rubalcaba

Loan Officer | NMLS 1748265

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Sam's headshot

Samuel Okenyi

Branch Manager | NMLS 1106100

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Travis' headshot

Travis Williams

Loan Officer | NMLS 1585965

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Yanhua's headshot in a circle

Yanhua Wu

Loan Officer | NMLS 1176876

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A Customized Loan

for Your Life Path

At AMC, we believe in personalized banking. We use state of the art technology to make sure that you are advised, included, and supported through every step of the loan process. Most importantly, we take the time to know you and craft products that are tailored to you and your individual life path. Watch the video below to learn more about our unique approach to the loan process.

We Want To Hear From You – Apply Now To Connect With A Mortgage Consultant And Receive A Rate Quote That Fits Your Life Path.
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